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 Animating SVG Artwork with and VanillaJS Bring SVG Graphics to life without hitting the DOM.
 Showing it all on CSS Naked Day We have no problem showing it all for 48 hours every year as part of CSS Naked Day.
 HTML FTW A short read (or listen) on how you too can start winning with HTML first design.

Showing it all on CSS Naked Day

CSS Naked Day is an initiative started by Dustin Diaz. Participating sites shows off the power of their HTML and CSS (or lack thereof) while demonstrating the Separation of Concerns between the two. The concept is simple: If you wrote semantic HTML from the get-go there should be shame in dropping the CSS for a day. You should even be able to drop your JavaScript if your HTML is winning enough.

Here at MarkupTips we adhere to an HTML 1st philosophy, so similar to others we were excited to be so easily able to take part in this event. On or around April 9th in your timezone we won't be serving our CSS stylesheet. This will allow you to experience our HTML markup plainly. homepage without CSS styles

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