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Founded by JP DeVries.
Designed & Developed by DeVries Development.


Location: Pacific Northwest, USA.


  • To Skytoaster for amazing hosting and support.
  • To modmore for being awesome.
  • To MODX® for MODX Revolution™.
  • To my Dad for working all those long nights.
  • To Aaron Draplin, David Nakamoto and Goo Phemister of Wilderness Office for the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • to Holden Outerwear for being them.
  • To Denny Mcentire and NemoHQ for rolling the dice on an intern in 2007.
  • To Chris Rohde for not letting me open Dreamweaver.
  • To Norton Young for allowing me to pursue development as a design major @AIPD.
  • To the Regional Occupation Program of Granite Bay High School which allowed me to test out early and study graphics.


MarkupTips is written HTML 1st and is built upon web standards.


Management Software

  • MODX Revolution™
    • Premium Extras provided by modmore:
    • Redactor for MODX
    • Markdown for ContentBlocks
      • Includes EpicEditor
    • Open source Extras provided by modmore:
      • Redactor Plugins
      • Gitify
      • ContentBlocks
    • Open source Extras provided by the greater MODX community:
      • Ace
      • blockdown
      • boilerX
      • Collections
      • getCache
      • getResources
      • Redirector
      • sitemapfriend


  • Sass
    • Bourbon & Neat by thoughtbot
    • spec/_tacular
  • Grunt
    • grunt-bower-task
    • grunt-contrib-copy
    • grunt-contrib-sass
    • grunt-contrib-watch
    • grunt-contrib-clean
    • grunt-growl
    • grunt-contrib-cssmin
    • grunt-contrib-csslint
    • grunt-string-replace
    • grunt-contrib-concat
    • grunt-contrib-uglify
    • grunt-contrib-compress
    • grunt-webfont
    • grunt-aws